Abbas El Gamal

Current Students

  • Thomas Navidi
  • Previous Students

    Cheuk Ting Li

    Information-Theoretic Limits of Distributed Randomness Generation

    Hyeji Kim

    Results on the broadcast channels (2016)
    Kyle Anderson Cloud-based optimization software for smart energy grids (2015)

    Gowtham Kumar

    Information theoretic results on exact distributed simulation and information extraction (2014)
    Gearoid O'Brien Scheduling, Revenue Sharing, and User Behavior for Aggregated Demand Response (2014)
    Han-i Su Modeling and analysis of the role of energy storage for renewable integration (2013)
    Bernd Bandemer Coding schemes for deterministic interference channels (2011)
    Yeow-Khiang Chia Multi-terminal secrecy and source coding(2011)
    Kunal Ghosh Miniature and mass-producible fluorescence microscopes for biomedical imaging (2010)
    Keith Fife Devices for Integrated Multi-Aperture Imaging (2009)
    Mingjie Lin Architectural explorations for high-performance field-programmable gate arrays (2009)
    Ali Ozer Ercan Object tracking via collaborative camera network (2007)
    Helmy Elthouky An integrated system for de novo DNA sequencing (2007)
    Hossein Kakavand Performance limits of analog to digital conversion in the presence of noise (2007)
    Sam Kavusi Architecture for high dynamic range, high speed image sensor readout circuits (2007)
    James Mammen Performance Trade-offs in Large Wireless Networks (2006)
    Khaled Salama CMOS Luminescence Detection Lab-on-Chip: Modeling, Design, and Characterization (2005)
    Sina Zahedi On Reliable Communication over Relay Channels (2005)
    Ting Chen Digital camera system simulator and applications (2003)
    Elif Uysal-Biyikoglu Adaptive Transmission for Energy Efficiency in Wireless Data Networks (2003)
    Suk-Hwan Lim Video Processing Applications of High Speed CMOS Image Sensors (2003)
    Xinqiao Liu CMOS Image Sensors Dynamic Range and SNR Enhancement via Statistical Signal Processing (2002)
    Hui Tian Noise Analysis in CMOS Image Sensors (2001)
    Stuart Kleinfelder High-Speed CMOS Digital Pixel Sensors (2001)
    David Yang Digital Pixel CMOS Image Sensors (1999)
    Dana How Self-Clocked Field Programmable Gate Arrays for Exploratory Design (1998)
    Ivo Dobbelaere Applications of Regenerative Feedback in Integrated Circuits (1995)
    Boyd Fowler CMOS Area Image Sensors With Pixel Level A/D Conversion (1995)
    Arif Ziv Analysis and Performance Optimization of Checkpointing Schemes with Task Duplication (1995)
    Sanko Lan Architecture and Computer Aided Design Tools for a Field Programmable Multi-Chip Module (1994)
    Lucius James Hwang Replication in Partitioned Networks (1994)
    Jack Kouloheris Empirical Study of The Effect of Cell Granularity on FPGA Density and Performance (1993)
    David Marple Performance Optimization of Digital VLSI Circuits (1986)
    Alon Orlitsky Communication Issues in Distributing Computing (1986)
    King Fai Pang Complexity Results in VLSI and Distributed Computing (1985)
    Jonathan Greene Configuration of VLSI Arrays in the Presence of Defects (1983)
    Max Costa Interference Channels (1983)
    Zahir Syed On Routing for Custom Integrated Circuits (1981)
    Chris Heegard Capacity and Coding for Computer Memory with Defects (1981)
    Mohammad Aref Information Flow in Relay Networks (1980)